Budget-Savvy Gardener’s Secret Weapon: $9 Hack Shields Plants from Pests with Dollar Store Dish Soap!

“Influencer Shares Affordable Gardening Hack to Ward off Pests in Latest TikTok Video”

Innovative Gardening Hack Keeps Pests at Bay

An influencer with a green thumb has recently shared a clever trick to protect plants from pests. Mel, a popular user on TikTok (@aunty.mel), demonstrated her gardening hack to her followers, revealing an affordable solution that costs just $9. Her method involves using a hose attachment to spray her garden with soap, effectively acting as a DIY pesticide.

In the video, Mel showcased the hose attachment she purchased, which conveniently has a compartment for adding dish soap. Similar attachments, commonly used for washing cars, can be found on Amazon. Mel explained that any concentrated dish soap will work, even the cheapest ones from stores like Family Dollar or Dollar General. She emphasized that the soap acts as an insecticidal soap, as bugs consume it and ultimately perish from the inside out.

To apply the soap mixture, Mel simply sprays it onto her plants, ensuring that a soapy residue is left behind. She reassured viewers that this residue is harmless to the plants. Mel recommended using five cups of dish soap for every gallon of water used. Additionally, she highlighted another advantage of the hose attachment, stating that it covers a larger area more efficiently compared to using a pump.

Mel stressed the importance of thoroughly covering the entire surface area of the plant with the soap mixture. For plants like squash, she advised getting into the crevices and base of the plant to target any flies or pests. She also mentioned that it is safe to spray the soil, as it will not harm the garden. Mel’s informative and practical video received positive feedback from her followers, with one user describing it as “awesome.”

This gardening hack provides an affordable and effective solution for keeping pests away from plants. By using a hose attachment with a compartment for dish soap, users can easily create their own pesticide. Mel’s demonstration on TikTok has garnered attention and praise, as it offers a simple yet innovative approach to pest control in the garden.