Blossoming Diversity: Galway Farm’s Sunflower Picking Experience

“Galway Farmer’s Daughter Expands Business by Introducing Sunflower Picking to Popular Pumpkin Patch”

Galway Farmer Expands Pumpkin Patch to Include Sunflower Picking

Caroline Whelan, a farmer’s daughter from Ardrahan in south Galway, has successfully capitalized on the popular trend of pumpkin patches in the United States. She has now expanded her venture to include sunflower picking on her family’s 170-acre farm. Caroline and her husband, Gerry Quinn, have gained recognition for their Galway Pumpkin Patch, located at Caroline’s home farm in Castletaylor, Demense.

Caroline explained that while her father’s farm is primarily focused on sheep and cattle, she and her sisters had no interest in continuing the traditional farming route. Instead, they decided to explore alternative ventures. “The pumpkins and sunflowers are our own project, and thankfully, they have been successful so far,” Caroline said. Her husband, Gerry, is a full-time tillage farmer who also grows produce for their family’s fruit and vegetable business in Ennis, where they have been trading since 1982.

The Galway Pumpkin Patch, located in an event field, will open for its fifth year in October. Caroline mentioned that the demand to visit the patch has been consistently high since its launch in 2018. She anticipates that the Galway Sunflower Picking will also be popular, albeit with a slightly different dynamic. Caroline, who has three children under the age of three, expressed her excitement about this new adventure and hopes that sunflowers will attract visitors of all ages.

Caroline revealed that they have sown 2 acres of sunflowers this year, ensuring there will be plenty for everyone. The exact opening dates will be announced once the crop is ready, with regular updates on social media. She mentioned that the sunflowers are progressing well and they expect the opening to be sometime in August. However, Caroline acknowledged that the unpredictable Irish weather is always a challenge when organizing outdoor events.

The Galway Sunflower Picking and Galway Pumpkin Patch are located about 30 minutes from the city and three miles from Ardrahan village. Caroline emphasized that their aim is to offer a unique experience in a beautiful rural setting. “We focus on three things: enjoyment, pricing, and authenticity. We provide a simple rustic experience that encourages people of all ages to come and enjoy the great outdoors,” she explained.

Caroline and Gerry work hard to keep the prices competitive, as they believe it is important for visitors to feel they are getting value for money. They strive to keep things simple, recognizing that people are generally content with the simple pleasures of fresh air and open space, both of which their farm offers in abundance. Caroline encourages people to come along and create lasting memories, with plenty of picturesque opportunities in the sunflower field. Additionally, there will be ample seating available, as well as tea, coffee, and sweet treats. Visitors are advised to bring their own snips for picking the sunflowers.

Caroline’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to providing a unique and enjoyable experience have certainly paid off. The Galway Pumpkin Patch has become a sought-after destination, and with the addition of sunflower picking, Caroline and Gerry are poised to attract even more visitors to their charming farm in Galway.