Bakhurst Puts Staff Attitude in the Spotlight: Tubridy’s Return Hangs in the Balance; Presenter Urged for Maximum Transparency Tomorrow

“New DG Urges Maximum Transparency from Ryan and his Agent Ahead of Committee Appearance”
Bakhurst Puts Staff Attitude in the Spotlight: Tubridy's Return Hangs in the Balance; Presenter Urged for Maximum Transparency Tomorrow

New RTร‰ Director-General Calls for Transparency in Ryan Tubridy Scandal

In his first day as Director-General of RTร‰, Me Bakhurst has called for “maximum transparency” from Ryan Tubridy and his agent during tomorrow’s committee meeting. Speaking to the media, Bakhurst emphasized the need for honesty and transparency from both Tubridy and RTร‰ in order to make a fair judgement. He also stated that the attitude of staff towards Tubridy’s return to his radio show will be a “major consideration” in the final decision. Bakhurst revealed that discussions are ongoing with Tubridy’s agent regarding his payment while off air.

Bakhurst takes over from Dee Forbes, who left the role earlier than expected due to revelations of undisclosed payments made to Tubridy by RTร‰. Bakhurst has not yet spoken to Tubridy since the news broke but wishes him well, even if he decides to depart RTร‰. He acknowledged that losing talent to competitors is a genuine concern for RTร‰, but emphasized that now the broadcaster is willing to lose talent in order to save money.

Regarding the executive board, Bakhurst stated that there is an ongoing process in regards to each individual and their role, but he cannot provide individual details due to GDPR and confidentiality. He believes it is credible that Forbes was the only one with knowledge of the payments made to Tubridy. When asked if he had a message for Forbes, Bakhurst said, “I hope she gets better soon.”

Bakhurst confirmed that his own salary is โ‚ฌ250,000, which is less than what he earned in his previous position with UK communications regulator Ofcom. He also mentioned that a new register of interest is being drawn up to address commercial arrangements involving RTE broadcasters. While some arrangements will be allowed, they must operate within the guidelines and with transparency.

Bakhurst recused himself from an examination of a car loan arrangement involving RTE sports reporter Marty Morrissey due to their friendship. Morrissey apologized last week for participating in an “informal” arrangement where he used a Renault car after MCing events for the car brand. Bakhurst stated that another RTร‰ executive, Adrian Lynch, will investigate the matter and other potentially similar issues involving other staff. Bakhurst emphasized that he deliberately stayed out of the process because of his friendship with Morrissey.

In conclusion, Bakhurst acknowledged that he has friends across RTร‰ and will recuse himself from any probe if further instances arise. He clarified that the circumstances in the cases of Morrissey and Tubridy are different, as no license fee payers’ money was lost in Morrissey’s case.