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Apple’s Vision Pro Device: Output Plans Slashed, Innovation Under Pressure


Apple is reportedly reducing production targets for its Vision Pro headset due to challenges faced by manufacturers in dealing with the device’s intricate design. According to the Financial Times, Apple is now planning to manufacture less than 400,000 units of the $3,499 (€3,207) headsets in 2024. The information is said to come from anonymous sources close to Apple and Luxshare Precision Industry, the Chinese company responsible for the initial assembly of the device. Two Chinese suppliers of components have also confirmed that Apple has requested parts for only 130,000 to 150,000 units in the first year, and plans for a cheaper version have been delayed.

Apple’s stock market valuation surpassed the trillion-dollar mark again last week, as the company’s shares experienced a rise. The Vision Pro headset, which was unveiled last month, is Apple’s latest attempt to sustain sales momentum and drive the mixed-reality industry into the mainstream. Resembling advanced ski goggles, the device will operate on its own system called visionOS and will have a dedicated App Store. The headset is expected to be released in the US early next year, with other regions following suit. However, the new production targets are significantly lower than the previous internal sales goal of one million units within the first year.

This setback in production targets highlights the challenges faced by Apple in manufacturing the Vision Pro headset. The complex design of the device is proving to be a hurdle for manufacturers, leading to a reduction in the number of units being produced. This news comes as a disappointment to Apple, as the company had high hopes for the success of the headset in the market.

The Vision Pro headset is part of Apple’s strategy to tap into the growing mixed-reality industry. By introducing a device that combines virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, Apple aims to offer users a unique and immersive experience. However, the manufacturing difficulties encountered by Apple indicate that the path to mainstream adoption of mixed reality may not be as smooth as anticipated.

Despite this setback, Apple remains a dominant player in the technology industry. The company’s stock market valuation reaching the trillion-dollar mark once again demonstrates the confidence investors have in Apple’s ability to innovate and drive sales. Apple’s track record of successful products, such as the iPhone and the Apple Watch, has solidified its position as a market leader.

The Vision Pro headset, with its high price tag, is positioned as a premium product in the mixed-reality market. However, the reduced production targets may impact Apple’s ability to meet the demand for the device. With fewer units available, potential customers may face difficulties in acquiring the headset, which could affect its market performance.

Apple’s decision to delay the release of a cheaper version of the Vision Pro headset further indicates the challenges faced in manufacturing the device. The company may need more time to address the manufacturing issues and ensure a smooth production process. This delay could also impact Apple’s market position, as competitors may seize the opportunity to introduce their own affordable mixed-reality headsets.

In conclusion, Apple’s decision to slash production targets for the Vision Pro headset reflects the challenges faced by manufacturers in dealing with the device’s complex design. The reduced targets indicate a potential delay in meeting customer demand and may impact Apple’s market performance. However, Apple’s strong track record and market dominance suggest that the company will continue to innovate and drive sales in the technology industry.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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