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Zoomerang: Unleash Your Video Shorts’ Artistic Potential with AI Magic on Mobile!


Zoomerang, a popular video editing app, has announced the addition of two new AI technologies, Deforum and Restyle, to enhance short-form video content on mobile devices. These AI transformations aim to revolutionize the way users create and edit videos, taking inspiration from the success of TikTok and other social media platforms.

Deforum, referred to as Deform within the app, utilizes Stable Diffusion’s image-to-image function to generate a series of images that can be stitched together to create a video. Users can upload an image or video and choose from pre-made templates or input a prompt to see the AI effect applied to their content. This feature allows for endless creative possibilities and adds a unique touch to short-form videos.

Similarly, the Restyle feature enables users to transform a video, up to thirty seconds in length, into an AI-generated stylized video using Image-to-Image Batch Processing technology powered by Stable Diffusion. Users can select from a range of templates or create their own prompt to personalize their videos.

While both Deform and Restyle have been used in videos through various applications, the significance of this announcement lies in the fact that these AI technologies are now available on mobile devices, both on iOS and Android platforms. This accessibility opens up new opportunities for video creators to unleash their imagination and bring their artistic visions to life.

David Grigoryan, co-founder of Zoomerang, expressed his excitement about the introduction of Deform and Restyle, stating that they empower video creators to explore their creativity and produce unique content. This announcement follows Qualcomm’s integration of Stable Diffusion into mobile, particularly Android devices, earlier this year, further emphasizing the growing influence of AI in the mobile industry.

It is worth noting that the Deform and Restyle features will only be available to subscribers of Zoomerang’s premium tier, priced at $12.99 per month or $59.99 per year. This subscription model ensures that users who are serious about enhancing their videos with AI transformations can access these advanced features.

The integration of AI technologies into video editing apps like Zoomerang showcases the potential of artificial intelligence to revolutionize content creation. As short-form videos continue to dominate social media platforms, AI-powered transformations offer users the ability to stand out and create engaging and visually appealing content. With the introduction of Deform and Restyle, Zoomerang is at the forefront of this AI revolution, empowering video creators to bring their unique artistic visions to life.

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