US Multinational Makes Big Move: Acquires Clare-Based Sensor Manufacturer

“US-based Rochester Solutions acquires Irish liquid-level sensor designer and manufacturer, Tekelek”
US Multinational Makes Big Move: Acquires Clare-Based Sensor Manufacturer

Multinational designer and manufacturer Tekelek, headquartered in Shannon, has been acquired by US-based Rochester Solutions, a maker of liquid-level gauges. The acquisition amount has not been disclosed. Tekelek employs over 200 people and specializes in designing and selling liquid-level sensors, as well as non-contact ultrasound and free-space radar technology. The company was founded in 1995 as a contract R&D manufacturer before beginning to produce its own branded products in 2002. Since then, it has expanded globally, with facilities located in Hong Kong, China, the UK, Malaysia, Egypt, and the US. Tekelek has also expanded into the Internet of Things (IoT) sector, which enables physical items to be connected and monitored online. Recently, Tekelek acquired Dunraven Systems, a monitoring solutions firm based in Louth that operates in 28 countries.

Rochester Solutions, Tekelek’s acquirer, is a Dallas-based multinational that specializes in liquid-level sensors. This latest acquisition is part of the company’s multi-year strategy to expand its technical portfolio. Rochester Solutions operates additional facilities in Mexico, Belgium, the UK, and China, in addition to its Texas headquarters. This is the fourth acquisition that the company has made in the liquid-level sensor space. Rochester’s president, Ben Lease, says that the purchase of Tekelek “provides us with wireless sensor technologies supporting software platforms that drive delivery and logistics efficiencies.” He also added that Tekelek’s existing customer base will benefit from the combined company’s extensive resources in liquid level sensor measurement, including additional products and deep design and engineering expertise.

Tekelek’s CEO, Peter McCarthy, expressed his excitement about the acquisition, saying that joining forces with Rochester Solutions would help Tekelek’s customers and employees. He also added that he was proud of what Tekelek had achieved in the past 25 years and that he was looking forward to seeing the company continue to grow and innovate under Rochester’s ownership. McCarthy will remain with the company and will continue to lead Tekelek’s operations.

The acquisition of Tekelek by Rochester Solutions is expected to have a positive impact on both companies. Rochester Solutions will benefit from Tekelek’s expertise in non-contact ultrasound and free-space radar technology, as well as its IoT capabilities. Meanwhile, Tekelek will be able to leverage Rochester Solutions’ resources and expand its product portfolio. The acquisition will also enable both companies to combine their engineering expertise and create new and innovative solutions for their customers.

The liquid-level sensor market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, driven by the increasing demand for automation and the need for accurate and reliable monitoring systems. The acquisition of Tekelek by Rochester Solutions is a strategic move that will help both companies capitalize on this growing market and create new opportunities for growth and innovation. With their combined expertise and resources, Tekelek and Rochester Solutions are well-positioned to become leaders in the liquid-level sensor space and provide their customers with cutting-edge solutions that meet their evolving needs.