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Revolutionary AI-Powered Script Generator on TikTok writes Ad Copy in a Snap!


TikTok Launches Script Generator Tool for Advertisers Using AI

TikTok has launched its latest tool, the Script Generator, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create ad scripts within seconds. The tool was developed to make marketing easier for businesses by generating custom scripts for videos. It is available to all TikTok for Business Accounts and is free of charge. The Script Generator joins other social media platforms, such as Meta and LinkedIn, in using generative AI to help advertisers create content.

To use the Script Generator, the user selects an industry and enters a product name and description. The tool then generates three different script options with specific directions for scenes, including voiceover, on-screen visuals, and text overlays. The Script Generator is available in TikTok’s Creative Center on the desktop.

However, TikTok includes a banner at the top of the tool’s page, warning users to use the AI-generated scripts at their own risk. The platform does not make any “promises or guarantees” about the content that is generated. The warning is likely due to the potential for AI models to produce hallucinations and the negative consequences that could result.

According to research, generative AI can save marketing professionals up to five hours per week. This tool is expected to be a significant time-saver for businesses looking to create ad content quickly and efficiently.

As a journalist, I decided to test the Script Generator tool myself. I chose “Food and Beverage” as the industry and entered “straws” as the product name, with the description “meant for drinking.” Within seconds, the tool provided me with three different script options that included specific directions for the scenes.

The Script Generator is just one of the many AI-powered tools that social media platforms are using to help businesses create content. Instagram is also reportedly developing its own AI chatbot to assist users with customer service inquiries.

In conclusion, TikTok’s Script Generator tool is a game-changer for businesses looking to create ad content quickly and efficiently. The AI-powered tool is easy to use, and the specific directions for scenes make it simple for businesses to create engaging content. However, the warning at the top of the tool’s page is a reminder that AI-generated content should always be reviewed and edited by a human before publishing.

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