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Revolutionary AI outperforms humans: GPT-4 pitches 3x more successful in securing funding!


Acquiring investor funds is a crucial component of the success of many businesses. However, it’s not always an easy task. Business professionals often present carefully put-together presentations for investors, only for many of them to be uninterested. But there might be a solution to this problem, and it comes in the form of an AI chatbot called ChatGPT. This chatbot could help not only to get investors to take the bait but also to invest more money.

Creating pitch decks for investors is a demanding task as they must showcase the company’s recent achievements in a compelling manner to attract investment. This involves presenting a thoughtful and promising business plan and trajectory. Using an AI chatbot to create these decks, specifically GPT-4, reduces the time involved significantly. Although the time savings is impressive, it’s important to examine the most important aspect — the quality.

Clarify Capital, a small business lender, asked 250 investors and 250 business owners to rate a set of human-created and GPT-4-generated pitch decks without letting the participants know that AI was involved. To make matters more interesting, the human-generated pitches were successful ones that had secured funding in the past. The results showed that GPT-4 pitches were overall more effective than those made by humans. The AI-generated pitches beat out human ones in quality, key element description, and problem description.

According to the survey, the investors and business owners were three times more likely to invest after reading the GPT-4 deck than the human one, and they found the AI-generated decks twice as convincing. Furthermore, one in five of those professionals said that they would invest $10,000 more in the AI-generated pitches.

The survey also tested the effectiveness of the decks across different industries, including finance, marketing, and investment. Unsurprisingly, across all of these industries, the GPT-4 decks were more successful in securing investments. The survey doesn’t disclose which GPT-4-based AI chatbot the survey is using. However, if you are interested in trying GPT-4 for yourself, you can use Bing Chat for free or subscribe to ChatGPT Plus.

The use of AI in business is not new, but the effectiveness of ChatGPT in securing investments is a promising development. As AI technology continues to advance, we can expect more innovative solutions to help businesses succeed. It’s important to note, however, that AI should not replace human input entirely. While AI can help streamline certain processes, human expertise is still necessary in many areas of business.

In conclusion, the use of ChatGPT for creating pitch decks has been shown to be effective in securing investments. The AI-generated decks were found to be more convincing and successful than human-generated ones, according to a survey conducted by Clarify Capital. While AI technology can be a valuable tool in business, it should not replace human expertise entirely. Instead, it should be used in conjunction with human input to achieve the best possible results.

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