Never Kill Your Plants Again: Gardening Guru Shares Foolproof Watering Hack

“Gardening Expert Shares Genius Tip for Keeping Plants Hydrated While Away from Home”
Never Kill Your Plants Again: Gardening Guru Shares Foolproof Watering Hack

Keeping your garden hydrated can be a daunting task, especially when you’re away on vacation or have a busy schedule. However, a gardening expert has shared a clever trick to keep your plants watered even when you’re not around.

Jose, who is known as @josegarden.official on social media, has revealed an ancient technique that requires only a basic terracotta pot. The trick is simple; plug the hole at the bottom of the pot with some Blu Tac or a similar material and bury it level in the soil next to your plants. Once the pot is submerged in your flower bed, fill it up with water.

The porous terracotta will allow the water to seep out and go straight to the plant’s roots, giving them a constant supply of water. This “autopilot” watering method is perfect for those who can’t commit to watering daily but still want a luscious garden. You can even add a lid to the pot to make the water last longer in warm weather.

Jose explained that this technique is effective even with a small pot in a raised bed. The soil will only take on as much water as it needs, making it almost self-regulating. You don’t have to worry about overwatering or the water not penetrating down to the plant’s roots.

Many gardening enthusiasts loved the helpful tip and couldn’t wait to try it out for themselves. One fan said, “Wow, that’s such a great trick I didn’t know before.” Another fan agreed, “I’ve been using this method referred to as ‘Olla’ since I learned about it in 2020 for my raised beds, it works great even in the heat of north Texas.”

By using this ancient technique, you can keep your garden hydrated with very little effort. All you need is a terracotta pot, which can be found at any garden center or even some supermarkets during the summer. This method is perfect if you’re going on holiday and still want your garden to thrive, or even if you’re too busy to water your plants every day.

So, next time you’re struggling to keep your garden hydrated, try this clever trick and watch your plants thrive.