Neighbourhood feud: Irish homeowner constructs privacy fence to protect dog from pesky kids, receives criticism for being selfish

“Neighbourhood feud escalates as woman faces backlash for putting up privacy fence”

A woman in the United States has been the subject of criticism by her neighbor after she put up a privacy fence. According to reports, the woman was tired of her neighbor’s children scaring her dogs, who refused to go out in their garden because of the children. The woman took to Reddit to explain that the gardens initially had a chain fence to separate them, but she decided to get a more private one a year after her neighbor moved next door.

The woman explained that the children would shout and bang on the fence, causing her dogs stress. She tried to be neighborly about it, telling the kids very gently that they were scaring the dogs. However, the children paid her no mind. She also tried to talk to the parents repeatedly, but they either waved off her concerns or curtly said they would have a talk with their children. Unfortunately, this did not work and the woman and her partner finally decided to get a bigger fence and stay elsewhere while the work was being done.

The woman never told her neighbor about the fence, and when she got back home, the neighbor was furious. The neighbor claimed that her kids were “absolutely heartbroken” that they couldn’t see “their dogs” anymore because of what the woman had done. The neighbor’s son has autism and has apparently been inconsolable, and they couldn’t get a dog, and this was the closest they would ever have. According to the woman, the neighbor called her a “selfish a****le.”

The woman asked Reddit users if she was wrong for installing the new fence, and many claimed she was well within her rights. One person wrote: “It’s your property, you can put up a privacy fence if you want. They had over a year to address your concerns and respond appropriately, but they didn’t. She is to blame for this situation, not you.” Another commented: “NTA it isn’t your responsibility to entertain her kids. It is your responsibility to take care of your pets, and you’re doing a good job it sounds like.”

In conclusion, the woman was well within her rights to put up a privacy fence on her own property. She had tried to be neighborly about the situation, but unfortunately, her neighbor did not respond appropriately. The woman’s dogs were stressed, and she had to take action to ensure their safety and well-being. It is essential to be a good neighbor, but it is also important to look out for oneself and one’s property.