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Luscious Landscapes: Unveiling the Expert’s Secret Bug-Repelling Spices and DIY Fertilizer for Your Garden Oasis!


THERE’S no need to spend a fortune on fancy fertilizer or overpriced pesticides. In fact, there are easier — and less expensive — ways to tend to your plants that even gardeners at high-end resorts rely on.

Ry Nguyen, the landscaping manager at the Four Seasons Nam Hai in Hoi Ann, Vietnam, has shared some tricks for banishing pests and the best natural fertilizer. At the Four Seasons Nam Hai, Nguyen runs the on-site herb, vegetable, and fruit farm, which supplies the resort’s restaurants, bars, and even the spa.

The farm boasts a wide variety of produce, including coriander, dill, spring onions, lemongrass, water spinach, spicy mustard greens, wax gourd, luffa, eggplant, tomato, okra, mangoes, papayas, bananas, jackfruit, pomelo, and dragon fruit. With such a diverse range of crops, there is always a risk of pests infiltrating the farm. However, Nguyen has revealed three spices that are great for keeping bugs at bay.

“Using insect-repellent stickers in the garden or homemade biological pesticides made from spices like chili, garlic, and ginger is a good way to keep bugs away from the plants,” Nguyen told The U.S. Sun. She also emphasized the importance of removing diseased plants from the healthy ones to prevent the spread of diseases.

When it comes to fertilizers, the Four Seasons Nam Hai takes the natural route. “Using non-toxic organic fertilizer is the best if you are looking to improve the fertility of the soil,” Nguyen said. The resort utilizes kitchen scraps and garden waste to create organic compost for the vegetables.

Nguyen also shared a few other gardening tips for both beginners and experts. The resort adjusts the types of plants it grows based on the time of year to ensure the fertility of the land and maximize crop harvest. The chefs at the resort’s kitchen use local herbs unique to Vietnam from the garden to add unique flavors to dishes and garnish meals. This practice not only builds a sustainable environment but also helps conserve water and reduce expenses.

For beginners, Nguyen advises starting small with herbs and leafy vegetables like water spinach, morning glory, and various types of cabbage. It’s important to choose vegetables that you enjoy and are suitable for your local climate and soil conditions. Nguyen emphasizes that caring for plants requires regular monitoring, attention, and providing sufficient water and nutrients.

Growing an organic garden and enjoying organic produce is a rewarding endeavor that anyone can accomplish with effort and love for their plants. By implementing these tips from the Four Seasons Nam Hai’s gardening pro, you can create a thriving garden without breaking the bank.

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