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Heatwave Hits Ireland: June Scorches as Temperatures Soar, Says Met √Čireann


Met √Čireann, the Irish national meteorological service, has declared that June 2023 will go down in history as the hottest June ever recorded in Ireland. According to provisional data, the average temperatures for the month exceeded 16¬įC, surpassing the previous record held for 83 years. In fact, June 2023 is expected to be more than half a degree hotter than June 1940. The highest temperature recorded this year, 28.8¬įC, was observed in Oak Park, County Carlow on Tuesday, June 13. This marks the third consecutive year that a temperature of 16¬įC or higher has been recorded in Ireland.

Met √Čireann’s climatologist, Paul Moore, emphasized that despite the recent drop in temperatures, this June’s record-breaking situation cannot be denied. He also highlighted the significance of this warm June, stating that it is part of a larger warming trend that is expected to continue. Moore pointed to the recently published TRANSLATE project, which serves as a reminder for society to understand and prepare for the changing climate.

Moore further explained that an average monthly temperature exceeding 16¬įC has been observed in July and August, but never before in June. The exceptional warmth experienced in June 2023 can be attributed to persistent warm days and nights. Met √Čireann indicated that out of the 25 primary weather stations across the country, 23 have recorded their warmest June on record. Although the Phoenix Park and Dublin Airport stations were slightly cooler due to cool easterly winds on the east coast in early June, they still reported their warmest June since 1976.

Met √Čireann also underscored the role of climate change in the occurrence of record-breaking temperatures. The recent marine heatwave off the coast of Ireland has resulted in extreme sea-surface temperatures along Irish shores. Dr. P√°draig Flattery, a researcher at Met √Čireann, highlighted that as climate change continues, more records are likely to be broken, and extreme weather events will become more frequent. A warmer atmosphere can hold more moisture, leading to increased energy for storms and contributing to intense rainfall events. Flattery noted that Ireland has experienced nine days of intense thunderstorm activity in June, with heavy downpours, lightning, and at times, hail. While this prolonged spell of thunderstorms is not typical for Ireland, it is expected to become more common as the climate continues to warm.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) recently issued a warning that Europe is warming at twice the rate of other continents. Last year, extreme heat led to the deaths of 16,000 people, and widespread droughts had significant economic impacts. Spain has seen a tripling of June heatwaves in the past 12 years. Furthermore, June 2023 was also the warmest June on record for the United Kingdom.

The provisional statement on June 2023’s weather and climate, including information on rainfall and sunshine at various weather stations, will be published on Met √Čireann’s website on Tuesday, July 4, 2023.

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Thomas Lyons
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