Get Your Umbrellas Ready: Met Eireann Predicts the Exact Day Rain and Thunder Will Roll Back In!

“Met Eireann’s Detailed Forecast Reveals the Return of Rain, Thunder and Floods in Ireland”
Get Your Umbrellas Ready: Met Eireann Predicts the Exact Day Rain and Thunder Will Roll Back In!

Met Eireann, the Irish weather service, has released a comprehensive forecast for the month of June. The report details when high pressure will “weaken its grip” on Ireland, and when we can expect the return of rain, thunder, and floods.

For the first week of June (June 5-June 11), high pressure will continue to dominate, bringing “settled conditions” and “well below average rainfall.” However, this could lead to increased drought conditions and elevated fire risk, with the potential for a high temperature warning in the southwest.

In the second week (Monday, June 12 to Sunday, June 18), high pressure is expected to weaken, but temperatures may remain above average, and it may be drier than average. The report warns that this will add to the drought risk and the fire potential, although the high temperature potential looks to be a little lower on average.

Week three (June 19 – June 25) will see lower pressure and the potential for rainfall across the country, but temperatures will still be slightly above the usual for this time of year. The report warns of the potential for thundery falls of rain, with the flow predominantly from the southeast. This could exacerbate surface water flooding, which is already a concern due to the drought conditions.

Finally, week four (June 26 – July 2) is expected to see above average temperatures but the potential for showery rainfall. While there is a low potential for thundery showers, associated surface water flooding “could persist.”

Overall, the report suggests that Ireland will experience a predominantly dry and settled June, with above average temperatures. However, the risk of drought, fire, and surface water flooding is a cause for concern, particularly in areas already affected by the dry conditions.

It is important for individuals and communities to take precautions to prevent fires and conserve water during this time. The report also highlights the potential for thundery falls of rain and surface water flooding, which could have significant impacts on infrastructure and transportation.

As always, it is important to stay informed and prepared for changing weather conditions, and to follow the advice of local authorities and emergency services.