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Get ready to hit high notes with Opera One’s stable release – Download it now!


The latest iteration of the Opera browser, Opera One, has been officially released for desktop and Android devices after being announced in April. One of the most notable features of Opera One is its native integration of artificial intelligence (AI). The browser includes Aria, a generative AI assistant that has access to the web and uses OpenAI’s GPT technology to power search results, generate text, write code, and answer questions.

Joanna Czajka, product director at Opera, explained that the company wanted to rethink the role of the browser in light of recent developments in the AI space. Compared to other browser companies, Opera redesigned its flagship browser and integrated AI from the ground up. Aria is prominently featured on the left-hand sidebar and is always available to help with more than just providing jokes. She is also trained on Opera’s database of support documentation and can answer customer questions and provide them with product knowledge.

One of the new features announced with Opera One’s stable release is the ability for users to call on Aria by using a keyboard shortcut of ctrl+/ for Windows users and cmd+/ for Mac users. Users can also get contextual prompts by right-clicking or selecting text in the browser that are then given to Aria. However, if users opt out of the AI experience in the Opera One browser, they can hide Aria from the sidebar and not engage with the AI tools.

In addition to AI integration, Opera One has been visually redesigned to adopt a modular design powered by a Multithreaded Compositor that makes for efficient and smooth visual transitions. The Tab Island feature is one of the most widely expected changes coming to the Opera One browser. This feature helps users easily manage their tabs by intuitively linking related tabs, grouping them automatically by context. Users can edit their islands by adding or moving tabs around.

Opera One is available for download for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. With the AI integration and other new features, Opera One aims to provide a more efficient and personalized browsing experience for users.

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