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From Dull to Delightful: How a £29.99 Screwfix Steal Transformed my Patio into a Stunning Oasis


A resourceful homeowner in the UK has successfully revamped her dull patio into a stunning modern backyard, all for under £50. Leah Hurst shared the details of her budget-friendly project, which involved purchasing a £30 solution from Screwfix. The before photo revealed the patio covered in mildew-stained tiles. Leah began by jet washing the area to ensure a clean surface for painting, but soon realized she wasn’t satisfied with the original color. After mixing a few paint shades together, she settled on a beautiful light grey tone for the stone tiles. Leah decided to paint over the previous color and was thrilled with the final result. To complete the project, she used a £30 jointing sand from Screwfix to fill in the tile gaps. The end outcome was a professional-looking patio that exceeded Leah’s expectations. Her followers on social media were amazed by the transformation and impressed by how simple the process seemed. Leah confirmed that the paint is self-sealing but suggested using a sealant if necessary. Another DIY enthusiast named Beth Barlow also shared her patio transformation story. Beth’s patio had discolored beige panels and overgrown grass, but she managed to turn it into a beautiful space using stencils. She started by cleaning each paving stone and then applied grey masonry paint to all of them. After that, she used white paint, a kitchen sponge, and a budget stencil to create a mosaic pattern on alternate stones. Beth’s budget-friendly makeover received a lot of positive feedback, with her video gaining over 4,800 likes and 186,300 views. She mentioned that she used Dulux Weathershield masonry paint in concrete grey and white masonry paint for the stencil pattern. Beth also revealed that she hadn’t sealed the patio yet. The paint and stencil can be purchased from various retailers, with prices starting at £20 for the paint and as little as £6.60 for the stencil on Amazon. Both Leah and Beth’s patio transformations have left viewers stunned and inspired to tackle their own outdoor projects.

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