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Dangbei’s Mars: The Ultimate Home Projector with Laser Precision and Netflix Compatibility!


Chinese home projector manufacturer, Dangbei, has introduced its latest innovation, the Mars, which the company claims is a cutting-edge ultra-bright laser home projector that sets a new standard in bringing the cinema experience directly to homes. The Mars builds upon the success of the Emotn N1 projector, which received official licensing from Netflix, by introducing several enhancements to elevate home entertainment. Incorporating laser technology, the Dangbei Mars delivers the brightest and clearest Netflix viewing experience on the big screen.

Dangbei says the Mars allows users to enjoy the best movies on Netflix in stunning 1080p Full HD resolution. Powered by ALPD (Advanced Laser Phosphor Display) technology, commonly utilised in cinemas, offices, and home entertainment systems, this projector provides 2,100 ISO lumens of brightness. The ultra-bright laser light source ensures an exceptional visual experience, lasting up to 30,000 hours. Unlike RGB lasers that may produce a speckle effect, the Mars prioritises viewer comfort, guaranteeing a speckle-free environment for unrivalled home entertainment and movie nights.

The Mars has a projection size of up to 180 inches to transform any room into a private theatre instantly. Captivating audio-visual features, including HDR10 and HLG support, AI brightness adjustment for seamless adaptation to various lighting conditions, and a powerful surround sound system with dual built-in 10W speakers, compatible with Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus.

The Mars is officially licensed and pre-installed with Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video and powered by Linux OS; users can conveniently access the hottest streaming services at their fingertips without the need to navigate through complex interfaces or search menus.

Setting up the Mars should be a breeze, with lightning-fast boot and setup times ensuring a perfect image within seconds. Equipped with ToF and CMOS sensors, the projector offers a 4-in-1, smarter image setup featuring Auto Focus, six-way Auto Keystone Correction, Intelligent Screen Fit, and Obstacle Avoidance. This guarantees a high-quality and enjoyable experience from every seat in the house.

The Dangbei Mars is now available on Amazon UK at a price of €1,170. Dangbei is offering a limited-time discount coupon of €234 to celebrate the launch.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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