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In an intriguing twist, an influencer has discovered a unique method to enhance the appearance and growth of her plants with minimal effort. The secret lies in a common styling tool that many people use to keep their hair in place. In a recent TikTok video, Australian content creator Yasmin (@yassssyyy) shared her unconventional hack, which is particularly useful when a plant’s roots refuse to stay in the soil. She also mentioned that this method is beneficial for encouraging aerial roots to grow back into the soil rather than out of it. Yasmin demonstrated the technique using a Monstera plant, showcasing a visible root and instructing viewers to grab a bobby pin. She cleverly utilized a hair pin that was already separated, making it easier to work with. With one hand holding the Monstera’s aerial root in place, she used the other hand to carefully insert the pin around the stem and into the soil. By securing the aerial root with the pin, it is compelled to remain in the soil and eventually establish roots. Yasmin further revealed that she had placed multiple pins along the plant’s edge to facilitate the growth of several nodes simultaneously. This technique, where the pin encircles the stem rather than puncturing it, ensures that the plant remains unharmed. The simplicity and effectiveness of this hack amazed many viewers, as it eliminates the need to purchase additional pots. Yasmin responded to one person’s astonishment by emphasizing that the method is genuinely helpful in achieving a fuller appearance for vining plants without resorting to cuttings. The response from others was equally enthusiastic, with many expressing their eagerness to try it out for themselves. The discovery that bobby pins can be utilized for more than just hairstyling has left people excited and intrigued.

Deirdre O Meara
Deirdre O Mearahttp://toprated.ie
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