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Unveiling of 44 Unidentified Bodies Includes Heartbreaking Discovery of Baby’s Remains in Bray Recycling Centre

Unidentified Human Remains Database Reveals Heartbreaking Details of 44 Unknown Individuals in Ireland

The Irish government has released a new database containing details of 44 unidentified human remains. The Unidentified Human Remains Database includes information such as tattoos, clothing, and personal possessions found on the bodies. The remains are from cases dating back to the 1960s, with some of the locations being along the coastline. The database was created as a result of coroners returning updated details of any unidentified remains for their district, as part of their annual statutory returns to the Department of Justice, which collated the data.

One of the cases detailed in the database is that of an infant female, who was found at the Greenstar Recycling Centre in Bray in May 2016. The body was transected, with the upper torso having damage to the neck and face and missing the left hand, while the lower torso had the umbilical cord still attached. The entry in the database states that the body was obviously that of an infant female who was either stillborn or died a short time after birth. The remains are interred in Redford Cemetery, Greystones.

Another case detailed in the database is that of a male found on the North Beach in Greystones. The body was described as having long straight dark hair, a missing front tooth, and a blue-faced watch with a black/grey strap. There were no details of age, and the deceased was interred at Glasnevin Cemetery.

The database includes details of both complete and partial remains. DNA profiles for 28 of the unidentified remains are now on the National DNA Database, and the Department of Justice intends to arrange for samples of the remaining 16 unidentified remains to be obtained. The government hopes that the release of this information will help identify the remains and bring closure to families of missing people.

Junior minister James Browne spoke at the launch of the Unidentified Remains Database, stressing the importance of remembering the lack of closure for loved ones. He urged anyone who recognizes any information that might identify someone they know is missing to contact authorities. The database can be accessed by the public, and anyone with information is encouraged to report it to An Garda Síochána. The database can be found at: gov.ie/en/campaigns/coroner-service.

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