Unleash the Party with Sony’s SRS-XE300: A Sleek, Mighty, and Portable Wireless Speaker!

Sony Unveils New Omni-Directional Party Sound Speaker, Exciting Fans and Critics Alike

Sony has announced the release of its new portable wireless speaker, the Sony SRS-XE300. The speaker features an innovative line-shape diffuser, which Sony claims distributes sound energy more evenly. The XE300 has an unusual shape and mix of materials, with a rubbery material wrapping around each of the six sides and ending with a section of fabric material separating the ends from the sides. The rubber sides have rounded edges, which meet on the sixth edge with a section of fabric that is the Line-Shape Diffuser, behind which are two egg-shaped X-Balanced speaker units. Each end features a passive radiator to reproduce bass.

The Sony SRS-XE300 comes with an IP67 rating against water and dust. It has sealed buttons with embossed icons and a rubber flap to protect the USB-C charging port. The buttons require a solid press to activate and include power, pause/play/answer/end call, Bluetooth, volume up, down, battery level voice announcement, and mic mute. The pentagonal-shaped speaker is stylish and comes in three colors: blue, light grey, and black.

Sony claims up to 24 hours of playtime for the XE300, but battery life will greatly vary depending on volume levels and even the type of music you play. The speaker also supports rapid charging, which allowed for a 10-minute charge to provide 70 minutes of entertainment. The Battery Care feature will help you avoid overcharging and keep your battery functioning at its best for a longer period of time. You have to enable this feature via the Sony Music Centre app.

The XE300 can be used to take calls thanks to the built-in mic. With echo cancellation, it’s possible for two persons to speak at once without interrupting the other, and two devices can be paired simultaneously via Multipoint Connection. The XE300 supports Sony’s LDAC codec for higher bitrate Bluetooth audio streaming as well as AAC and SBC.

You can combine up to 100 wireless speakers that are compatible with Party Connect. For stereo sound, two speakers can also be wirelessly paired. The speaker supports the Sony Music Centre app and allows adjustments for bass, mids, and treble as well as support for Clear Audio+, DSEE, alter several power options, and upgrade the firmware.

The Sony SRS-XE300 portable wireless speaker delivers clear and balanced audio with excellent clarity and a smooth and balanced sound. While the effectiveness of the Line-Shape Diffuser is debatable, the speaker still impresses with its stylish design, solid features, and excellent sound quality. The bass isn’t as good or as strong as on similarly sized JBL speakers, but that isn’t to say it isn’t good. It should be noted that this speaker is directional, and you need to point it to where you want the sound to go, unlike many other speakers that offer a 360-degree soundscape.

Overall, the Sony SRS-XE300 is a durable portable wireless speaker with an IP67 rating that offers convenience for on-the-go use. Its useful battery features and excellent sound quality make it a great option for those looking for a stylish and reliable speaker. The Sony SRS-XE300 is priced at €149.

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