Transforming my Garden with a 10p Bargain from Wilko – Easy Steps to a Total Glow Up!

"Get Your Garden BBQ-Ready with Wilko's Quick and Affordable Makeover Tips: Insider Reveals Savvy Shopping Secrets"

As the sun begins to make more frequent appearances, it’s clear that BBQ season is just around the corner. However, if your garden is in need of a quick and cheap spruce up before hosting family and friends, look no further than Wilko. One savvy shopper, Craig Orchard, has shared his tips on how to give your outdoor space a new lease of life with just 10p. Orchard, who is part of Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, recently picked up £1.25 ‘grow-your-own strawberry plants’ from Wilko for just 10p each. While they may not be perfect, Orchard believes that with a little love and care, they can be nursed back to health. 

Orchard took to Facebook to share his bargain buys and gardening tips, writing: “Wilko always worth a look at any cheap plants being sold off cheap. Got 18 strawberry plants – 10p each yes there not perfect but a good drink and some sun. I’m sure I can pull these round and £1.80 for 18 is better than £1.25 each.” 

The post has since been flooded with likes and comments, with many commending Orchard on his bargain buys. One Facebook user wrote: “Always pick up unwatched plants cheap,” while another commented: “Great buy – I always buy reduced plants with a bit of love they will come good again!” 

Another user praised the hardiness of strawberries, writing: “Great find! Strawberry’s are so hardy people underestimate them!” Meanwhile, others shared their own success stories with reduced plants. One user wrote: “I got some from Homebase – reduced to £2 because they were gasping for water. Took them home gave them a good soaking. They look pretty good now, new growth starting to come through after a week. Have put them in a strawberry planter. They are starting to thrive!” 

Orchard’s tips come at a time when many are looking for ways to spruce up their gardens without breaking the bank. With the ongoing pandemic, many are opting to stay at home and enjoy their outdoor spaces, making it the perfect time to invest in a garden glow up. 

Wilko is just one of many retailers offering discounted plants and garden accessories. As more people look to get their gardens in shape, it’s likely that we’ll see more bargain buys popping up on social media. 

So, if you’re looking to give your garden a new lease of life, take a leaf out of Orchard’s book and head to your local store to see what bargains you can find. With a little love and care, you can transform your outdoor space into a haven for family and friends to enjoy.

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