Transform Your Algae-Stained Fences with This 29p Gardening Hack from a Pro!

"Gardening Expert Shares Tips on Banishing Green Algae from Fences with Kitchen Items"

Gardening Guru Reveals How to Effectively Get Rid of Green Algae from Your Fence

As the humid weather sets in, fences and garden furniture can fall victim to green algae. While it won’t harm the wooden material, it can make your garden look unsightly. Fortunately, William Mitchell from Sutton Manor Nursery, a gardening guru, has revealed how to banish the teeny organisms with natural methods.

In an interview with The Express, Mitchell said that pressure washing is an effective way to remove algae from fences. However, this can be more costly. For those who want to stick to items found in the kitchen, Mitchell suggests two natural options: white vinegar and baking soda.

“Both vinegar and baking soda are extremely popular choices for general cleaning and disinfecting purposes, from worktops to laundry and more,” said Mitchell. However, he warned that if you choose to use vinegar, make sure it is white vinegar in your solution.

To banish green algae from a fence using vinegar, mix a small amount with water before spraying the mixture onto the affected area. After letting the concoction do its magic for 30 minutes to an hour, you can then scrub the algae off to reveal a “freshly cleaned” fence. The inexpensive cupboard staple can also help with removing stains and oil from wood.

If you wish to banish slimy algae using baking soda, follow the same steps as above and mix a small amount of baking soda with water. Once you’ve applied the paste onto the fence, wait around 30 minutes to an hour before scrubbing it off.

To prevent algae from returning, it is advised to use a sealant, which creates a barrier that the tiny organisms cannot penetrate.

In summary, there are two natural methods to remove green algae from your fence: white vinegar and baking soda. Both are inexpensive and effective. To prevent algae from returning, use a sealant.

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