Thrifty Gardening: Transform Your Small Space with £1 Planters – A Genius Idea!

Frugal Gardener Shares Genius Idea for Small Spaces, Using Only Poundland Pots!

A savvy gardener has shared her ingenious idea for those who are short on outdoor space. Jenna, known online as @thegirlisautistic, has come up with a cheap and simple solution to create stackable planters, giving more space to grow plants or even fruit and vegetables. Using cheap Poundland pots and a short length of PVC pipe, Jenna has doubled her space for growing plants, herbs, and vegetables. She shared her step-by-step guide on TikTok, which has gained more than 83,400 views and 3,300 likes.

Jenna started by drilling a hole in the base of each pot, before threading through the PVC pipe to hold them all together. She then smashed drainage holes in all of them until they all looked uniform. The stackable pots were a bit flimsy, so Jenna used PVC pipes to hold them together, which cost her only £3.50 for two meters. She used a bread knife to cut the pipe, and then drilled guide holes in the pots to make it easier to cut a hole in the middle. After testing to see if the pots would fit together, she added some strawberry plants and tested to see if she could move them when they were filled with soil.

Jenna’s idea has been well-received by her followers, who love her budget-friendly gardening tips. Fans were stunned that the idea only cost her £10 to implement. Similar style pots can be found online, with prices starting at just £5.25. PVC pipe is also readily available to shop online and will set shoppers back just £2.39 at B&Q.

In the comments section of Jenna’s TikTok video, users shared their reactions, with one writing, “That’s brilliant!” Another user commented, “I can’t wait to try this seriously tysm for sharing this! Made my day.” A third user added, “Thanks for this, I just bought mine.. I got 3 grey and two terracotta and have sprayed the terracotta ones black.. thank you.” Someone else suggested, “If you drill holes in the pipe all the way down, you can water through the pipe.”

Jenna’s idea is perfect for those who are looking to grow plants but do not have a lot of space. It is a budget-friendly way to create more space for gardening and growing your own produce. The idea is simple, yet effective, and has been well-received by gardening enthusiasts. With just a few cheap materials and some basic tools, anyone can create their own stackable planters and enjoy the benefits of having a garden, no matter how small their space may be.

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