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Revolutionizing Productivity: Microsoft’s Top 4 Apps to Receive Major AI Upgrade


Microsoft unveils new AI capabilities for Bing and Edge, bringing the features to their platforms. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced a new wave of updates coming to the Bing, Edge, Swiftkey, and Skype apps. The updates aim to elevate the Microsoft AI experience on mobile.

Bing Chat mobile updates include an enhanced experience on mobile with the ability to add a Bing Chat widget to your smartphone’s home screen. The widget allows you to ask any questions you may have and use the microphone icon to ask any verbal question. The voice feature has also been improved to be more inclusive of different languages with increased country and language support. To improve the flow between conversations across devices, you will be able to resume your desktop conversations on both iOS and Android.

Edge mobile updates include the ability to ask Bing Chat questions relating to the page you are looking at simply by tapping on the chat icon on the navigation bar. This feature, called contextual chat, could also be used to ask Bing Chat to summarize an article or webpage you are reading. Similarly, if you need clarity on a specific aspect of something you are reading, you can highlight that specific proportion of the text in the Edge app and select Bing Chat from the options menu to get the answers you need.

Swiftkey, Microsoft’s virtual keyboard app, is getting a monumental boost with the new Compose feature. The feature will draft text for you with parameters you choose, including tone, format, and length. You can use these parameters to compose emails, texts, and more. In addition, two new tones, Witty and Funny, have arrived on Swiftkey. You can also access Microsoft’s AI-powered translator from the Swiftkey keyboard, allowing you to translate any text to and from any Bing-supported language at the touch of a button. Within the Skype app, you will be able to access Bing Chat within all group chats. All you need to do is type “@Bing” in your conversation to access the AI chatbot and ask questions such as, “Best places to eat in this area.

These updates aim to improve the AI experience on mobile and make it more accessible to users. Microsoft continues to innovate and bring new features to their platforms, making it easier for users to access the information they need.

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