Mayday Mayday! Met Eireann’s Chaotic Forecast Sends Hazard Warning Across Ireland

Met Eireann warns of unsettled weather with strong winds and extreme rainfall this month

Met Eireann, the national forecaster of Ireland, has issued a warning of unsettled weather conditions that will grip the country this month. The forecaster has predicted that strong winds and extreme rainfall will be the main hazards this month, with an increased risk of flooding. However, above-average temperatures will bring milder conditions to the country.

According to Met Eireann’s long-term forecast for May, the first week (Friday 05 May to Thursday 11 May) will see lots of rain with a risk of localised flooding due to above-average rainfall. A southwesterly airflow will bring above-average rainfall throughout the country as high pressure to the south allows Atlantic fronts to push in over Ireland. Temperatures will be milder than average.

In the second week (Friday 12 May to Thursday 18 May), there is little change signalled for Week 2 as high pressure to the south continues to allow a southwesterly airflow, which will feed in Atlantic fronts. Above-average rainfall amounts coupled with milder than average conditions are expected. Rainfall amounts will be the main hazard with an increased risk of flooding due to running rainfall accumulations.

Week 3 (Friday 19 May to Thursday 25 May) is still signalled to be unsettled, though high pressure will likely decline eastwards, allowing for low pressure to dominate. Rainfall amounts will likely remain above normal, though may not be as high as in Week 1 and 2. Temperatures will likely return to more normal values for the time of year. Accumulated rainfall amounts could still lead to impacts. Strong winds can’t be ruled out if any low pressure systems track close to the country.

For Week 4 (Friday 26 May to Thursday 01 June), there is a much weaker signal, but high pressure over mainland Europe may drift northwards, becoming more established over north Europe or east of Britain, allowing a more south to southeast airflow to dominate with a return to milder than average conditions. However, rainfall amounts will likely be around the climatological average or slightly above.

The above forecast is an indication of what is expected, and weather patterns can change quickly, so it is important to keep up to date with the latest forecasts from Met Eireann. It is advisable to be prepared for any adverse weather conditions, especially with the increased risk of flooding.

In conclusion, the month of May in Ireland is expected to be unsettled with above-average rainfall and strong winds, which may lead to flooding. However, the country will bask in above-average temperatures resulting in milder conditions. It is important to stay up to date with the latest weather forecasts and to be prepared for any adverse weather conditions.