Huge garden sale at Wilkos – Run, don’t walk, to grab half-priced deals, advises shopping expert

"Wilko's Summer Sale: Get Your Garden Game On with Half-Priced Items!"

Wilko, the British high street store, is currently having a massive sale with many garden items now half priced. If you’re looking to spruce up your home and garden for summer, this might be the perfect opportunity to do so. A bargain hunter shared their Wilko shopping haul on YouTube, showcasing the latest collections and the many items that are on sale.

In the video, YouTuber Liyana Lifestyle said, “As you can see, I’m popping into Wilko. They have these plants here, four for £6, there is quite a lot to choose from.” She also pointed out some tinted glasses, saying, “There are quite a few new things, and I really love these.” The glasses came in pink, orange, blue, and turquoise, and she praised the colors.

Liyana also loved their new crockery sets of pink £3 plates and £2 bowls, saying, “They haven’t refreshed things for a while, the style is simple but they are lovely.” She also pointed out that Wilko has a huge sale across home and garden items, saying, “Wow, they’ve literally reduced so many items in the store.”

The shopper showed how pebbles are £1, planters are £2.50, and terracotta pots are £1. She also raved about their lanterns, which were £20 down to £12, saying, “That’s a really good sale on that. All of these candles have been reduced to £1.75. So come and have a look because there are lots of bargains to be found.”

Wilko also has lots of plants and lanterns in their sale, as well as colorful garden pots on offer. Liyana loved their fake flowers for brightening up a home, and indoor plants were also included in the Wilko sale.

Many people commented on her haul, with one saying, “Ahh yes a sale! Great video.” Another added, “Fab shop with me as always.” If you’re looking to spruce up your home and garden for summer, head to Wilko and take advantage of their massive sale.

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