Green Thumbs Up! Master Gardener Shares 3 Top Tips for Stunning Hanging Baskets – Trimming is the Key!

"Expert Gardener Shares Top Three Tips for Stunning Hanging Baskets"

A gardening expert has shared his three simple tips to ensure that your hanging basket looks fantastic. If you want to impress your neighbors, you’ll need to listen up. The master gardener from Wichita Falls, Texas, who owns a garden center, took to TikTok to share his advice. He posts under the username @smithsgardentown and has quickly amassed an impressive 212.8k views. His clip has 4,168 likes, 25 comments, and 421 shares.

The first step to get your hanging basket looking fantastic is watering. This is super crucial because when a plant has foliage that’s this big and a pot that’s this small, all of these leaves are going to pull the water out of this soil extremely quickly, especially if it’s windy, dry, or sunny. You really need to make sure that these are watered probably every day. You can’t over water a hanging basket, as long as it is warm outside.

The next step, according to this green-fingered man, is fertilization. He recommends using a couple of different products like start and grow granular and Color Max, which are both really good granular fertilizers. The advantage of these is they’re going to last quite a lot longer in the pot than a liquid fertilizer. With this, take a pinch of it about once a month and scatter it – a heavy pinch – down into the basket. Make sure you get all those granules off of the foliage, because they can burn the foliage. Right after you fertilize, water it. The reason why fertilization is so crucial is that these plants that are annuals are very heavy feeders, and because there’s a limited amount of soil there, they can’t reach out and find nutrients in other places – you have to provide the nutrients for them.

The final tip focuses on regularly trimming your hanging baskets. The gardening enthusiast noted that you shouldn’t be afraid to trim them. If they are getting long on one side or looking uneven, you can take scissors to them and just cut them right back. That’ll make them a little more uniform and full looking. So water, fertilize, and trim, and you will have fantastic hanging baskets.

The man’s advice has impressed many social media users, who were grateful for his tips. One person said, “Thank you so much!” Another added, “Love it. Thank you.” A third commented, “I’ve learned so much from your videos!”

In conclusion, if you want your hanging baskets to look fantastic, you need to follow these three simple tips. Water them every day, fertilize them once a month, and trim them regularly. By doing so, you will have beautiful hanging baskets that will impress your neighbors and add beauty to your home.

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