Green Thumbs Up: Avoid These Five Plant-Killing Mistakes According to Gardening Pro

"Gardening Pro Reveals Five Common Mistakes That Could Be Harming Your Plants This Summer"

As summer arrives, many of us are heading out to our gardens to give them a much-needed update. However, one gardening expert has warned that some common gardening practices can actually do more harm than good. Speaking to the Express, Paul Hicks, product marketing manager at STIHL, revealed the five most common mistakes gardeners make.

The first mistake is overwatering plants. While it may seem like a good idea to give your plants plenty of water, excess water can actually weaken the plant and make it wilt easily. Hicks advises gardeners to research each plant to see how much water it needs, taking into account light and soil type. Some plants only need to be watered once a week, while others will need daily watering, particularly in hot weather. It’s also important to buy plant pots with drainage holes at the base, otherwise the water will completely saturate the soil and your plants will suffer.

Another mistake often made is using too many pesticides to keep bugs away. While this may keep slugs and snails at bay, it can also discourage butterflies and bees from pollinating the plants. Hicks advises using pesticides sparingly and only when necessary.

When buying new flowers for the garden, it’s important to make sure you buy them before they bloom. This way, you’ll get more time out of the flowers blooming in your garden instead of dying off immediately. A bustling border filled with plants may look good at first, but it’s important to give plants enough space to properly grow and collect all the nutrients they need to survive.

Finally, Hicks warns against pruning bushes too often. The plant needs time to grow properly, and cutting it too early risks severely weakening it. It’s important to research each plant to see how and when it should be pruned.

In addition to these tips, there are many other gardening hacks and tricks that can help make your garden thrive. For example, if you’re on a budget, there are many ways to transform your garden without breaking the bank. You can also preserve your favourite flowers at home with these easy tips.

If you have a dog, it’s important to be aware of which plants can be harmful to them. And if you’re wondering when to prune your roses or plant daffodil bulbs, there are specific times of year that are best for each task.

It’s also important to be aware of any regulations around garden fences. In Ireland, garden fences can be up to 2 metres high without planning permission, but it’s important to check with your local council before installing a fence. Painting your fence a light colour can also make your garden look bigger.

Ultimately, the key to a successful garden is to do your research and take good care of your plants. By avoiding common mistakes and following expert advice, you can create a beautiful and thriving garden that you can enjoy all summer long.

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