Green Thumb? Not Me! How I Transformed My Garden in Minutes with Zero Upkeep and Nobody Noticed

"Transform Your Front Porch with Amazon Bargain Buys: Irish Homeowner Shares Savvy Tips on TikTok"

If you’re looking to spruce up your garden but struggle to keep plants alive, then a savvy homeowner named Kelsey may have the perfect solution for you. Kelsey, who lives with her husband Ryan, shared a video on TikTok (@newbuild_newlyweds) revealing her super simple tip for transforming your front porch using a £12 bargain buy from Amazon.

In the video, Kelsey suggests getting some planters and faux fern stems from Amazon, which she then carefully positions in each planter to really fill it out. She notes that the faux greenery looks just like the real thing and won’t die, making it the perfect solution for those who struggle to keep plants alive.

Since posting the video, it has gone viral, racking up over 199k views and several comments from impressed social media users. Many have noted that they have been buying plastic plants for their gardens, as it’s easier to keep them alive than real plants that often die due to lack of care. Others have praised Kelsey’s hack as brilliant and have even tried it out for themselves.

One user even suggested putting some rock in the bottom of the planters to prevent them from blowing away, while another advised “planting” them inside or after dark, watering them occasionally, and “trimming” them to really sell the illusion of real plants.

Kelsey’s hack is not only a great solution for those who struggle to keep plants alive, but it’s also an affordable and easy way to add some greenery to your front porch or garden. So, if you’re looking to spruce up your outdoor space, why not give it a try? With faux greenery, you’ll never have to worry about watering or caring for your plants again.

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