Get Your Garden Summer-Ready with These Amazing B&M Deals: Three for £10 Plant Pots and More!

"Summer Gardening on a Budget: Laura Meachem Shares Her Top Finds from B&M"

As summer approaches, many people across the UK are seeking affordable ways to spruce up their gardens. Laura Maechem is no exception, as she recently visited B&M to check out what bargains they had on offer. In a YouTube video titled ‘SUMMER B&M HAUL 23 What’s new in B&M, haul + garden decor inspo!’, she took her audience on a shopping spree through the Nottingham branch of the store, accompanied by her mum.

After filling her trolley with food items and chocolate bars, Laura moved on to the garden section, where she found a black and white patterned rug for £20. She also picked up light grey plant pots, which she already owned and loved as they’re great for “putting over fence panels”. Laura showed off the wooden cutlery holder for the outdoor table and the range of candles, which were scented in passionfruit.

Laura then discovered a great deal of three plant pots in orange and teal for just £10, which had ‘grow with the flow’ written on them. She was also impressed with a black and white print option that had the same deal. Laura expressed her desire to purchase a few pots, as she panned the camera over to a welcome sign that had a wooden frame and fake greenery around it. She then showed off some black and white pillows with plants emblazoned on them, expressing her love for all the Boho style bits as she moved across a pink section before looking at the ‘Ocean Air’ area.

Laura then found a section with animal statues and animal-themed plant pots, including owls, bunnies, and squirrels. She picked up a wreath for the door and moved on to show the garden sets. One four-piece sofa set for the garden was priced at £170, while another three-piece one was £130. Laura also found loungers on sale for £135, which she deemed a “good price”. The store also had garden marquees for £100, which Laura considered a reasonable price.

Laura and her mum then visited another B&M store in the area, where they found plates, serving platters, and bowls in different prints. She also found a black and woven cushion on sale for £10. Upon returning home with her shopping haul, Laura showed off all her new buys, including three plants for £5 and several plants on sale for £3. She also highlighted the palm tree plates and serving platter with the matching jug, a candle for £8, a blanket for £8, the wreath for £10, and pillows for £10 each.

Laura’s viewers loved her haul and took to the comments to share their thoughts. One person said: “The palm tree plates and bowls are stunning!! I need to get my hands on them. Loved this video girl”. Another shared: “Loved it looks amazing take care”. While a third added: “love how the garden turned outx,” with pink heart emojis.

In conclusion, Laura Maechem’s B&M shopping haul video provided great inspiration for those looking to spruce up their gardens affordably. Her haul included a range of items such as plant pots, pillows, plates, and serving platters, all at reasonable prices. Her video was well-received by her audience, who appreciated her recommendations and ideas.

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