Get Rid of Patio Moss with Just 45p! Learn the Gardening Guru’s Secret Method Without Using a Pressure Washer

"Gardening expert shares simple and affordable solution to remove patio moss in minutes"

Gardening expert Fiona Jenkins has shared a simple and cheap method for removing moss from patios. The method involves using a mixture of washing-up liquid and hot water poured onto the moss before scrubbing it away. Fiona emphasised that this method is effective and doesn’t require an expensive pressure washer. The first step in tackling moss on a patio is to remove any weeds that may be growing through cracks and gaps. If it’s possible to pull up the weeds by hand, then that should be done. However, if the weed problem is extreme, then a weed killer should be used. When using weed killer, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and keep children and pets away from the area.

After removing the weeds, the soapy mixture can be applied to the moss. The solution should be mixed until foam starts to form on the top. The mixture should then be poured onto the surface of the patio, and if the area is large, this may need to be done in stages. To ensure that the mixture doesn’t cause any damage to the patio, it’s important to test it on a small inconspicuous area before proceeding. Once the mixture has been applied, the moss can be scrubbed away easily.

Following the scrubbing stage, the area needs to be brushed. A hard-bristled brush should be used, and it’s best to use a long-handled brush to avoid damaging your back. As the brushing begins, the bristles will loosen the dirt with ease. The brushing should continue until all of the dirt has been loosened. Stubborn areas may require extra effort. Regular brushing of the patio will help to keep dirt away and prevent the growth of weeds. Once all the dirt has been loosened, the patio should be rinsed off to reveal the final look.

Dish soap is readily available from various retailers, including Asda, where their Just Essentials Washing Up Liquid is priced at 45p. Fiona’s method is an affordable and effective way to keep patios clean and moss-free.

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