Game On: Amazon Now Selling Real-Life Products Within Video Games

"Amazon revolutionizes online shopping experience with 'Anywhere' service for gamers and virtual reality enthusiasts"

Amazon Launches New Service Allowing Customers to Shop While Gaming

Amazon has unveiled a new service called Amazon Anywhere, which enables customers to buy physical products from its online store while playing video games or interacting in virtual reality. The company said that the programme mirrors similar efforts by companies like Nike and Gucci, who have launched initiatives aimed at attracting gamers and shoppers in the metaverse. However, most shopping options launched in virtual worlds offer virtual goods or other digital items, not physical products. The new service will be launched within Peridot, an augmented reality game from Pokemon Go developer Niantic.

According to Amazon, customers can purchase items from Amazon without having to leave the game or whatever mobile app they might be using. Gamers can link their Amazon account to the game and buy T-shirts, hoodies, phone accessories, and pillows featuring characters from the game. The company said on its website that it is looking to partner with more developers for the service, which is currently only offered by invitation.

The move comes as Amazon continues to expand its reach in the gaming industry. In 2014, the company acquired video game streaming service Twitch for nearly $1 billion. Amazon has also released several games of its own, including Crucible and New World. The company’s latest venture into gaming is aimed at tapping into the growing trend of gaming as a social experience.

The new service is expected to provide a new revenue stream for Amazon, which has been seeking to expand its e-commerce offerings beyond its core business of selling physical products. Amazon is also looking to tap into the growing popularity of gaming and virtual reality, which is expected to be worth over $100 billion by 2024.

The Amazon Anywhere service is part of a wider trend of companies seeking to tap into the gaming and virtual reality markets. In recent years, several brands have launched initiatives aimed at attracting gamers and shoppers in the metaverse. Nike, for example, launched a virtual store in 2020, which allows customers to browse and purchase items in a virtual environment. Gucci has also launched a virtual store, which enables customers to try on and purchase items using augmented reality.

The move by Amazon is likely to be met with enthusiasm from gamers and shoppers alike, who will appreciate the convenience of being able to shop while they play. The new service is also expected to provide a boost for Amazon’s e-commerce business, which has been facing increasing competition from rivals like Walmart and Target. With the Amazon Anywhere service, the company is hoping to cement its position as a leader in the gaming and e-commerce industries.

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