From Shabby to Chic: How I Transformed My Garden with a DIY Hack and Saved Thousands!

"DIY Whizz Shares Money-Saving Hack for Transforming Garden Borders"

A savvy DIY enthusiast has shared her budget-friendly garden transformation hack, revealing how she created her own garden borders for just £150. The woman, who goes by the username @kjg_home on TikTok, demonstrated her step-by-step process on the social media platform, showcasing how she managed to save thousands of pounds on the project.

To begin, the woman concreted in large fence posts every 4.8 metres, using smaller posts every 50cm. She then nailed a weed-proof membrane and a waterproof sheet to the posts to prevent wood rot and provide a neat appearance. The DIY whizz then shared her clever hack, using treated roof batons to hold the vertical batons in place. This saved her a significant amount of money.

The DIY enthusiast continued by using a nail gun to attach the treated wood to the tops of the fence posts. She advised using a couple of small pieces of MDF as spacers and recommended having two people working together to complete the project. Finally, she used instant grey stain to finish the borders, resulting in a stunning transformation of her garden.

The woman’s TikTok video has since gone viral, amassing 354.8k views, 8,436 likes, 76 comments and 1,871 shares. Social media users were left impressed by the DIY job and eager to praise the woman’s work in the comments.

This budget-friendly garden transformation hack has clearly inspired many to try their hand at DIY borders. Social media users were left open-mouthed at the woman’s DIY borders, with many expressing their desire to try the project themselves. For just £150, the woman was able to elevate her stunning space, proving that a little creativity and resourcefulness can go a long way.

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