From Dying to Dazzling: How I Transformed My Garden with a DIY Professional Patio

DIY Pro's Incredible Garden Transformation Leaves Neighbors in Awe

A DIY enthusiast has wowed social media users with her garden transformation. Charlotte, known as @missgreedyshome on TikTok, revealed that she was tired of looking at her garden, which was covered in dying grass and provided little privacy from her neighbours. She decided to give it a complete makeover, including building her own raised patio and hot tub area. Charlotte shared a one-minute video on TikTok, which has since gained over 1.2 million views, showcasing her incredible garden transformation.

Before the makeover, Charlotte’s garden was mostly covered in browning grass and had only a kids’ slide in the far left corner. The only fence separating her garden from her neighbour’s was a chainlink fence, which provided no privacy. However, after the transformation, the garden looked unrecognisable. Charlotte built a raised patio area, which was covered in on-trend wooden panelling and large grey patio stones. She also added two raised flower beds and a Lay-Z-Spa hot tub. The final third of the garden was covered in artificial grass, and an eight-seater outdoor dining table and an egg chair were added.

Charlotte also raised her fences and covered them in on-trend horizontal wooden panelling, providing more privacy and a modern look to the garden. She finished off the makeover by adding a small picnic table on the grass for her kids to enjoy.

Charlotte’s garden transformation has been praised by many social media users. Fans loved the transformation, with one writing: “I refuse to believe that’s the same garden.” Another user joked: “More privacy is what I liked the most.” A third added: “Love it…just doesn’t look like the same gardens at all…so much bigger and utilised space so well.” Someone else put: “Wow that’s some glow-up well done.” However, not all were impressed, with another user adding: “Personally not my cup of coffee. Feel like it’s too much in a small section. The minimalism side is coming out of me.”

Charlotte regularly shares interior design tips and updates on her home makeover with her 232,400 followers on TikTok. Her garden transformation has inspired many social media users to embark on their garden makeover projects, and her video has been shared widely across various social media platforms.

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