From Drab to Fab: How I Transformed My Garden with a DIY Pergola in a Breeze!

DIY Enthusiast Shares Secrets to Transforming Your Garden with a Homemade Pergola

A man from Nottingham has taken to social media to share his DIY skills, revealing how he transformed his garden by building his very own pergola. Known as “Green Fingered City Boy” on TikTok, the self-proclaimed gardening enthusiast documented the process step-by-step, leaving many viewers open-mouthed.

The man started off by gathering his wooden beams together and screwing the brackets and beams into place. He then screwed the beams into the brackets, assembled the pergola upside down and got help to get it into place. The man then dug holes for post spikes and put them into place, making sure to use a level when doing so.

Finally, the DIY fan showed off his finished pergola, claiming that it had completely transformed the space. He then asked social media users for recommendations on which climbers to plant. The clip has quickly become popular, racking up an impressive 122,600 views in just two days.

Many TikTok users took to the comments section to praise the man’s handiwork, with one person commenting that it looked great and another saying it was amazing. Gardening enthusiasts also took to the comments section to share their plant recommendations. One social media user recommended jasmine, while another suggested Montana clematis and wisteria.

The man’s finished pergola has clearly inspired many, with some users asking what the point of a pergola is. The DIY whizz explained that they look pretty and can be used for shade, privacy and to block the view of neighbours’ windows. He also noted that they lift your eyes up off the floor and can add height to a garden without having mature plants.

Overall, this DIY project is a great example of how a little bit of creativity and effort can transform an outdoor space. It’s also a testament to the power of social media, as the man’s TikTok clip has clearly inspired many viewers to try their hand at building their own pergola.

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