From Drab to Fab: How a £16 Makeover Transformed My Depressing Fence into a Stunning Outdoor Oasis!

"Budget-Friendly DIY Enthusiast Transforms Depressing Green Fence into Stunning Garden Feature"

Emma Horsley, a DIY enthusiast, has taken to social media to showcase her impressive garden fence transformation. Horsley, who posts on TikTok under the username @horsleyhomerenovation, shared her budget-friendly technique for upgrading a garden fence. The DIY fan was fed up with the sight of her old and depressing dark green fence, so she decided to give it a mega transformation on a budget. Her fence makeover has left many people impressed with the £16 makeover. 

In a video clip that has quickly amassed 56.7k views, Emma explained that to get started, you need to clear your fence of any debris using a wire brush, secateurs, and shears if needed. Once the fence is clear, you can start painting. Emma used Ronseal’s Fence Life Plus in warm stone and applied the paint quite thickly because wood can absorb a lot of paint. Brush on the paint in the direction of the wood and apply a minimum of three coats, and you may need more, depending on how much paint the wood absorbs. Emma’s fences were very dark green, so she needed quite a few coats. Allow for four hours between coats and stand back and appreciate how garden fence paint can completely transform your garden. 

Emma’s clip has impressed many, with 422 likes, 13 comments, 107 saves, and 15 shares. One person commented, “Turned out amazing,” while another asked how Emma removed the ivy from her fence. Emma confirmed that she used shears, secateurs, Swiss knife, and her hands to cut and pull it all off and a wire brush to brush down after. Another person asked if it’s okay to paint your fence without your neighbor’s permission. Emma responded, “I think it’s okay if it’s on your side, as it was already painted too (dark green) we just got on with it?” 

If you fancy giving your fence an upgrade, you can buy Ronseal Fence Life Plus paint from a variety of stores, including Screwfix, B&Q, and Wickes. You can also order it online from Amazon. The paint will cost you just £16 for five liters from B&Q. Emma’s transformation is proof that with a bit of hard work and creativity, you can upgrade your garden on a budget. 

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In conclusion, Emma Horsley’s budget-friendly garden fence makeover is a testament to the fact that with a bit of creativity, hard work, and a few pounds, you can transform your garden into a beautiful oasis. Emma’s video clip has gone viral, and many people have been inspired by her DIY skills. If you’re looking to upgrade your garden fence, Emma’s technique is an excellent place to start.

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