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Dollar Tree’s Gardening Hack: A Savior for Big Planters or ‘Dawn of the Dead Noodles’ by Season’s End?

"Gardening Enthusiast Shares Budget-Friendly DIY Hack for Filling Large Planters"

Gardening Enthusiast Shares DIY Hack for Budget-Friendly Planters

A TikTok user has shared her cost-effective DIY hack for filling big planters. Penny, a gardening enthusiast, revealed the Dollar Tree item she uses to fill her pots. In her video, she demonstrated how she uses pool noodles to save money on potting soil.

Penny explained that potting soil can be expensive, which is why she came up with this hack. She cuts up pool noodles and places them vertically in the pot. She then layers soil on top of the noodles and plants her flowers or vegetables. This hack not only saves money on soil, but it also allows for proper drainage.

“This Dollar Tree pool noodle planter hack every year in all of my big planters,” Penny said. “This allows for drainage and uses half the amount of soil you normally would use.”

TikTok users have taken to the comments section to share their experiences with the hack. While some viewers have had success with the hack, others have encountered issues. One user said, “I tried this last year. They all slowly emerged from the planter at the end of the season. Dawn of the Dead noodles.” Another follower wrote, “When it rains, they will float to the top. Ask me how I know.”

Despite some mixed reviews, this hack is an innovative way to save money on potting soil. It’s also a great way to repurpose old pool noodles.

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For those on a tight budget, another gardening enthusiast showed her followers how to start their backyard projects for free. With these DIY hacks, anyone can have a beautiful garden without breaking the bank.

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