DIY Privacy Fence: A Controversial Solution That Surprised Me!

DIY Privacy Fence Sparks Controversy Among Neighbors, Says Irish Woman
DIY Privacy Fence: A Controversial Solution That Surprised Me!

A DIY enthusiast from Birmingham has shared her unique way of creating a privacy fence using wooden slats, but the idea has divided opinion on social media. Known on social media as Fall for DIY, the woman posted on TikTok a step-by-step process of how she created the fence, which has since garnered over 585.8k views, 12,000 likes, 281 comments, 699 saves, and 219 shares.

The DIY whizz explained that she needed to add a privacy fence to her garden, so she used an existing fence panel and re-purposed it by cutting it into slats. She then used a threaded rod and strong masonry adhesive to add the post, drilling holes into the center of the wall, and using drill guides to cut the holes. She further added that she was delighted that the holes came out straight.

To attach the slats to the post, the woman used her trusty nail gun, adding an additional post in the middle to ensure that the slats don’t warp. She also added additional pieces of wood to create more of a frame for the slanted part of the wall. The woman cut the panels to the same angle of the wall, mirrored it at the top, and still has to finish the small gap.

The fence clip has left many social media users open-mouthed, with some expressing admiration for the privacy fence’s simple yet effective design. However, others raised concerns about the neighbors’ privacy and the lack of sunlight. Some even pointed out that the fence would snap in strong winds due to the posts’ lack of strength.

Fall for DIY’s privacy fence idea may have its pros and cons, but it certainly showcases her creativity and resourcefulness in using what she already has to create something new.