DIY Genius Creates Budget-Friendly Firepit with Only £25 – No Fancy Tools Needed!

"Crafty DIY Enthusiast Shares Budget-Friendly Solution for Firepit in Viral TikTok Video"

A resourceful DIY enthusiast has shared her clever solution to creating a stylish firepit without breaking the bank. Taylor, known as @interiorsbytayylor on TikTok, revealed how she made her own chic-looking fireplace for under £25 using an old plant pot, some pebbles, and a portable campfire. With over 26,800 likes and 468,100 views, her step-by-step tutorial has been a hit with DIY enthusiasts.

Taylor began by layering tinfoil and pebbles into an old cement plant pot, before adding a portable campfire and some smaller stones for decoration. She then added a heat mat to the bottom of the fire pit as an added safety measure. Taylor’s finished product was not only stylish but also functional enough to roast marshmallows on.

To create a similar firepit, Taylor suggested finding a planter of the desired size, lining it with tinfoil, and adding two sizes of rocks. The larger rocks are used to create height inside the planter, while the smaller rocks are for decoration. She recommended using a portable campfire, such as the one from City Bonfire, and placing it in the center of the planter. Finally, she added bigger rocks around the fire to create a flat surface.

Portable campfires can be purchased from various online retailers, including Amazon, with prices starting at £16. Cement plant pots similar to Taylor’s can be found at Hobbycraft and IKEA for as little as £3.50, while tarmac pebbles can be bought from Wickes for £5.

Taylor’s budget-friendly DIY project has been praised by her followers for its simplicity and coziness. However, some were skeptical about its heating capabilities. Taylor responded by saying that it provided more heat than she expected but not enough to be overwhelming.

@interiorsbytayylor has a following of 1,200 and regularly shares interior design and DIY tips on her TikTok account. Her firepit tutorial has proven to be a hit, with many viewers inspired to create their own stylish and affordable outdoor accessory.

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