Danni Menzies of A Place In The Sun stuns fans with jaw-dropping garden transformation

"A Place in the Sun's Danni Menzies Unveils Stunning Garden Transformation with DIY Decking and Fairy Lights"

Scottish television presenter Danni Menzies has given her garden a stunning makeover, complete with new decking and beautiful fairy lights. Best known for her work on Channel 4’s “A Place in the Sun,” Menzies is a DIY enthusiast and took on much of the work herself to save on costs.

Menzies took to Instagram to share before-and-after photos of her garden transformation. She hired workmen from mybuilder.com to carry out the structural work, which included installing new wooden panels and decking. The panels, which Menzies said “cost a fortune,” were painted in a dark hue by the presenter herself to save on costs.

In a video posted to Instagram, Menzies explained her plans for the space, which included getting rid of old structures, installing new decking, and adding new panels on each side. She also revealed her idea to hang a mural over the exposed brickwork to brighten up the space. Menzies donned protective goggles and garden gloves and sprayed the brickwork with an acid wash.

Despite the dark color scheme, Menzies said she wanted a low-maintenance space with plenty of plant pots. She also revealed that her next mission was to find the right garden furniture. Menzies has recently launched an online furniture store featuring classic interior and garden pieces.

Menzies is not the only DIY enthusiast to give her garden a makeover. A woman on TikTok recently shared a hack that saved her thousands of pounds on her garden borders.

Menzies’ garden transformation is a testament to her DIY skills and creativity, as well as her commitment to creating a tranquil outdoor space.

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