Danielle Lloyd’s Stunning Swimming Pool Steals the Show, But Kicks Off Swim Season with a Nightmare!

"Danielle Lloyd's Garden Swimming Pool Woes: Former Model Shares Impressive Oasis on Social Media Despite Nightmarish Start to Swim Season"

Former model and TV star Danielle Lloyd recently shared a glimpse of her stunning garden swimming pool with her social media followers. The 39-year-old posted a series of videos featuring her three sons enjoying a splash in the pool. However, the beautiful weather didn’t last long as the mum posted a clip of the rain pouring down, forcing the children to go back inside the house. The Sutton Coldfield home boasts an impressive home cinema and a huge back garden that the kids can have a kickabout in.

Danielle Lloyd and her husband Michael O’Neill live in a lavish property with the most stunning exterior. The perfectly trimmed hedges, shiny windows, and greener-than-green grass make the property stand out. The house is a great hit with the youngsters, who can enjoy the impressive pool and other amenities. Danielle has put her feminine touch in the family home with stunning flowers, hanging chandeliers, and glitzy ornaments. The home follows a monochrome colour scheme of grey, white, and black and is very clean, despite having four young boys.

Danielle Lloyd has been open about her experiences of pregnancy and motherhood in the past. Speaking about having a baby girl, she told OK! Magazine: “We booked a private gender scan, and I had such bad anxiety in the run-up. I’ve been through it four times, and each time they’ve said it was a boy, so I was expecting them to say ‘boy’ again. I felt sick. I couldn’t breathe on the way there. It was excitement, nerves, everything.”

The former model and TV star’s garden swimming pool is undoubtedly a great addition to her family home. With the stunning exterior, impressive amenities, and feminine touches throughout, it’s easy to see why Danielle and her family love spending time there. Despite the rain ruining the start of the swim season, we’re sure the family will be back in the pool in no time, enjoying the beautiful weather and each other’s company.

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