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Controversial Clash: Neighbour Threatens to Dial Police on Gardener for ‘Noisy’ Work, Divides Community

"Neighbour's Outrage Over Gardener's Noise Sparks Online Debate: Video Goes Viral"

A video of an angry neighbour threatening to call the police on a gardener for “making too much noise” has gone viral, sparking a debate online. The incident occurred on a suburban street in western Sydney, Australia. The aggrieved man was caught on camera chiding the gardener, Jason Selmes, from Lush Cut Laws, as he tirelessly cut through an unkept front yard. The neighbour claimed that the gardener had given him a “f***ing headache” all morning and threatened to call the police if he didn’t finish up in 15 minutes.

Jason Selmes, however, was not deterred by the threat and continued with the job, explaining that he was legally allowed to mow lawns during the day. He also pointed out that no one had bothered to come and help the residents with the lawn issue, which is why he was there in the first place. According to state law, mowers and other power tools can be used between 7am to 8pm from Monday to Saturday. The incident took place at 10am on a Saturday morning.

The video has been viewed almost two million times, with people divided over the issue. Some praised the gardener for his professionalism and handling of the situation, while others sided with the neighbour, claiming that they would have been annoyed after an hour of weed whacking.

This incident is not the first of its kind, with disputes between neighbours over petty issues trending online. In one instance, a resident appeared to mow only their half of a shared strip of grass amid an alleged feud.

It is important to note that while the video has gone viral, it is crucial to respect the privacy and rights of those involved. The incident highlights the importance of communication and understanding between neighbours to avoid such conflicts.

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