Agriland Media’s Strategic Move: Multiple Key Appointments Made!

"Agriland Media Group Bolsters Teams to Meet Growing Demands of Audience and Business Expansion"

Agriland Media Group has made several appointments to its teams in editorial, commercial, and AGRIcreative departments. The move comes as the media publisher aims to meet the growing audience and commercial demand, as well as innovate into new areas. The latest additions to Agriland’s editorial team include multimedia journalist, Charlotte Morrey, and news journalist, Louise Hickey. Meanwhile, the commercial department has seen three new appointments, with Peter Stones, Cathal Clarke, and Niall Thompson joining as account executives. Keith Graham has been appointed as head of video for AGRIcreative, with Patrick Butterly joining as a videographer.

Charlie Morrey, a multimedia journalist, grew up on her family’s 500-acre arable farm and livery yard in the Isle of Man. She has worked in radio and newspapers and has a keen interest in horses. Louise Hickey is about to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism at Dublin City University (DCU) and has a keen interest in sustainable agriculture. She has garnered experience working with outlets such as RTÉ and has written many articles for her college newspaper.

Peter Stones, who has been appointed as an account manager, graduated from the University of Galway with an honors degree in film studies, English literature, and digital media. Cathal Clarke, a graduate of Agricultural Science from University College Dublin (UCD), comes from a dairy and livestock export background. Niall Thompson, who has six years of experience in the insurance industry, graduated from Sligo IT with an honors degree in business and insurance practice, while also becoming a certified insurance practitioner.

Keith Graham, who has been appointed as head of video for AGRIcreative, has worked in the video and digital media industry for over 15 years. He is passionate about directing, editing, and videography and holds an MSc in applied digital. Patrick Butterly, who completed a Bachelor honors degree in communication design at National College of Art and Design (NCAD), has also completed a Masters degree in emerging media at Dublin City University (DCU).

Managing director of Agriland Media Group, Cormac Farrelly, said that the newest additions to the team would enhance the company’s reputation as the most innovative and digitally forward agri-publisher in the country. He added that more and more farmers are looking for information in a format that is accessible, fast, and provides multi-dimensional ways of engaging. This has been evident in the exponential growth of the Agriland audience since its inception in 2013.

Last month, Agriland Media Group was named on the Top 10 list of agri-influencers in the UK, according to an in-depth social media survey conducted by Kynetec. The survey of social media was carried out by Kynetec, global leaders in market research for animal health and agriculture. The project was conducted online based on farmer panels in the US, France, and Germany. In the UK, Kynetec undertook a hybrid approach (341 online and 572 telephone participants surveyed), and almost 3,000 people from the farming community were surveyed in total. In terms of the top influencers in the UK, the survey lists 21 positions, with Agriland ranked in 7th place.

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