Couple's Attempt to Update Garden Patio on a Budget Goes Awry Due to Crucial Oversight

A couple in the UK have shared their savvy DIY skills on TikTok, after they upgraded their garden patio on a budget. Char and Jake, who are first-time buyers, wanted to give their garden a new lease of life and decided to revamp their patio. However, they soon realised they had made a mistake when they missed a crucial step.

Initially, the couple painted the patio slabs in their first year of living in their 1950s three-bed home. However, the paint didn’t hold up very well, and they discovered the importance of sealing the slabs the following year. Char and Jake explained, “Not we only need to jet wash it every year and they’re good as new!”

To upgrade their patio, the couple started by cleaning off the patio so there was no dirt or grime. Then, they used masonry paint, which is suitable for using outside, in a cool grey colour. They spread the paint on the patio with a broom, to get an even coating. Once the paint was on, they used a water seal and a clean paint roller to go over everything.

After the patio had been left to dry, it looked posh, and the handy seal means it doesn’t fade or chip in bad weather. Other DIY fans loved the simple budget-friendly trick, with one user commenting, “Done mine after seeing yours a while ago! Love them.” Another user said they had used the same method in their garden, and it had lasted three years so far, even with jet washing.

When another TikTok user asked if the paint “survives the jet wash,” the duo assured them that sealing it is the key. “Surprisingly yes! As long as you seal it. If you don’t, some of the paint will come up when you jet wash,” they explained.

The finished patio looked posh and didn’t cost a fortune, making it an ideal DIY project for anyone looking to upgrade their garden on a budget.

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