Vaderstad gears up for growth with exciting expansion plan!

"Vaderstad Expands Factory Amidst Uncertainty Over Machinery Sales"

Swedish agricultural machinery manufacturer, Vaderstad, has announced plans to expand its factory in Vaderstad, Sweden by 12,600 square metres. This comes after the company acquired the inter-row interests of Thyregod, and aims to produce 10,000 machines annually at the facility by 2028. Vaderstad has seen a significant increase in demand for its products in recent years, with turnover rising from €237 million in 2017 to €550 million in 2022. The new factory buildings are expected to be commissioned in late 2024.

This latest investment is in addition to the construction of a new building in 2021, which cost kr125 million (€11 million) and is due to be ready for use later this year. The expansion of the current production area will complement the new building, and is said to be in line with the company’s growth targets. The additional production capacity will benefit customers and dealers, as well as creating new job opportunities.

The Vaderstad facility currently produces machines for all global sales regions except North America, where production is located in Langbank, Canada and Wahpeton, US. The expansion will see two halls, each of 6,300 square metres, added and connected to the existing factory, creating a total production area of approximately 70,000 square metres. The extra space will not only provide more room for manufacture and painting, but will also create a better and more efficient flow through the factory for the current and future ranges of machinery.

Construction has already begun and the new buildings are expected to be in full use by the autumn of 2024. Vaderstad’s commitment to investment in new products and manufacturing facilities demonstrates its confidence in the market, despite the uncertainty over machinery sales in recent months.

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