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Unleash Your Inner Gardening Pro: Eradicate Stubborn Weeds for Free in Seconds!


With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing your backyard for those perfect barbeques. A gardening expert has shared a simple trick that can transform your space from shabby to chic in just a matter of minutes before guests arrive. Kia Jade, also known as @kia_urbangardener on TikTok, is a self-proclaimed garden enthusiast who often shares her tips and tricks on the social media platform. In a recent video, she revealed a hack for getting rid of stubborn weeds that can disrupt the flow of your yard and leave your house looking messy.

Rather than resorting to chemical fixes that could damage your surrounding plants, Kia suggests using a pot of boiling water to banish the weeds in seconds. In the video, she poured hot water directly onto the dozens of weeds that were sprouting between her tiles of concrete. Within seconds, the stems were loosened, making it easy for her to pull them out. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, however, Kia clarified in the comments that the hot water alone would kill the weeds – it just might not look as clean cut. Although this is only a temporary fix, as the weeds will grow back eventually, the horticulture lover said it’s a “good form of maintenance without using harsh chemicals.”

Kia is not only an expert in weeding, but she also grows her own vegetables and has a blooming flower garden. Her TikTok account is filled with helpful tips and tricks for maintaining a beautiful yard, all of which are completely free and easy to do. She often shares her harvesting guides and hacks on the platform, making her a go-to source for gardening advice.

While Kia’s boiling water trick is a great way to get rid of weeds, there are other methods you can try as well. Some viewers suggested using vinegar or simply adding salt to the hot water to make it more effective. However, it’s important to note that these methods may not be as gentle on your plants as the boiling water trick.

As the weather warms up and we spend more time outside, it’s important to keep our yards looking their best. With Kia’s simple and free trick, you can banish those pesky weeds and keep your yard in tip-top shape. So grab a pot of boiling water and get to work – your backyard will thank you for it!

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