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Transforming my dull balcony into a tranquil paradise: A step-by-step guide

"How a Vancouver woman transformed her balcony into a serene garden oasis despite facing a salt mountain view"

A woman from Vancouver has transformed her balcony into a garden oasis, sharing the process on her TikTok page. The balcony previously overlooked a salt mountain, but the woman decided to make the most of the space by creating a peaceful retreat. She began the transformation by laying slatted wooden tiles over the concrete floor. In one of her videos, she admitted to being unsure whether to lay the tiles horizontally or vertically, but ultimately decided on horizontal placement. She ran into a problem when she ran out of tiles with just one more to go, but ultimately decided to purchase another pack to complete the floor. She also replaced a terracotta hanging planter with a white one to break up the color scheme.

The woman drew inspiration from overgrown European gardens, and her final result features a variety of potted plants and greenery. While many viewers praised her for the makeover, others offered suggestions for further improvement. Some recommended adding privacy lattice panels or finding a way to replicate the look of raised garden beds. Others suggested incorporating a water feature or investing in a more comfortable seating option. One viewer even suggested painting the terracotta pots to add extra color to the space.

The woman’s TikTok page, viridi.co, features a variety of gardening and home improvement videos. She has gained a following for her creative and affordable ideas, inspiring others to transform their own living spaces. The video of her balcony transformation has garnered thousands of views and comments, with many viewers expressing admiration for her dedication and creativity.

This story highlights the power of social media to inspire and connect people around the world. It also showcases the potential for small changes to make a big impact in our daily lives. By transforming her balcony into a garden oasis, this woman has created a peaceful retreat in the midst of a bustling city. Her story serves as a reminder that with a little creativity and effort, we can all make our living spaces more beautiful and enjoyable.

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