Transform Your Small Patio into a Spacious Oasis with These 5 Budget-Friendly Gardening Hacks – The Secret’s in the Right Color!

"Transform Your Small Garden Patio into a Summer Oasis with these Simple Tricks"

As summer approaches, many homeowners are looking to revamp their outdoor spaces, especially patios. However, not everyone has a large garden or patio to work with. The good news is that there are simple and cheap ways to make your patio look bigger, without breaking the bank. Experts have shared their tips on how to create the illusion of more space, and it starts with changing the layout of your patio furniture.

According to interior designer Robbie Maynard, changing the layout of your patio furniture can help to maximise space. Instead of plopping your furniture just anywhere, create different areas for chatting, lounging, and eating. For example, you can create a small conversation spot with a love seat or small sofa along with a chair or two. Ground this intimate chat zone with a neutral textured patio rug. By doing this, you are creating a sense of depth and space.

Another way to add depth to your patio is by adding more greenery. Your patio will blend better with the rest of your garden if there are plenty of plants and greenery. If you don’t have much space, you can add climbing plants on a trellis to create a vertical garden. This can draw eyes upward, making the patio seem bigger than it is. Hanging baskets are also a great way to add greenery to your patio, and you can switch the blooms depending on the season.

When it comes to colours, it’s best to stick to neutral colours like beige, grey, and cream. Bold colours can be striking, but they won’t make your patio look any bigger. Instead, you can add interest with different patterns. If you’re feeling bold, consider a patterned stencil to add some personality to your space. Just be sure not to overpower the area.

Keeping things simple is a must if your patio is on the smaller side, so don’t go overboard with different chairs, tables, and sun loungers. Pick a set you love and work around it with plants and a few simple accessories like pillows and candles. You still want room to move around your patio, which you can’t do if it’s crammed with furniture and plant pots.

If you are revamping your patio before summer, consider changing the flooring to something that will enhance the space. According to designer Joy Aumann, founder of Luxury So Cal Realty, smaller tiles or pavers can make a space feel cluttered, while larger tiles create a more seamless and open appearance. Bigger tiles or slabs will create the illusion of a bigger space, so even if it’s a small area, they’re a good choice. Alternatively, you could add a large outdoor rug to your patio to create a similar effect.

In conclusion, there are several simple and cheap ways to make your patio look bigger. By changing the layout of your patio furniture, adding more greenery, sticking to neutral colours, avoiding clutter, and choosing the right flooring, you can create the illusion of more space. With these tips, your patio can be the star of your garden this summer.

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