Supermodel Cara Delevingne stuns the world with unexpected career pivot

"Cara Delevingne's Environmental Awakening: From Catwalk Model to Eco-Warrior"

Supermodel Cara Delevingne is turning over a new leaf and becoming an eco-warrior. The British model, who once flaunted her extravagant lifestyle of flying around the world in private jets, is now preparing to launch an online platform called Earthed. The platform aims to teach people about nature and sustainability, covering everything from growing vegetables to understanding what individuals can do to make a difference. Earthed will feature lectures from renowned figures in the natural world and bring together communities. The project will be partially funded by donations from users but will be free for anyone who cannot afford to pay.

Cara is hugely passionate about this project and is thrilled about Earthed being launched. She helped to create a platform with her charity, Initiative Earth, of which she is a trustee. The model has ensured that everything is covered, and the platform will teach people everything they need to know about helping the planet’s future. The project aims to change people’s behaviour and encourage them to make informed decisions. Insiders working on Cara’s new project hope that the platform will be formally launched next month.

Cara Delevingne first revealed her charity, Initiative Earth, in April 2021. In an open letter at the time, she admitted that her actions had not always aligned with her values, but she was learning from her mistakes and was dedicated to making informed decisions. She also said that she was hoping to change her behaviour and work with companies that were taking significant steps in reducing their impact.

Former Little Mix member Jesy Nelson is releasing a new song called Bad Thing. The haunting lyrics are about a complicated relationship with a toxic partner. The song sounds more like a cross between Billie Eilish and Raye, rather than something Little Mix would have made. The song drops tomorrow morning, and other tracks out tomorrow include Joel Corry’s dance track Do U Want Me Baby? and Busted’s updated version of 2002 song Loser Kid, called Loser Kid 2.0, featuring Simple Plan. Rising stars Lauren Spencer-Smith and Gayle have also teamed up with newcomer Em Beihold for their track Fantasy, on which they badmouth an ex-boyfriend.

Celine Dion is making her first return to music since being diagnosed with the autoimmune disease stiff person syndrome. She has contributed five new songs to the soundtrack of the upcoming film Love Again, which is also her first acting role. The film is opposite Priyanka Chopra, and Celine will put out the soundtrack on May 12, the same day the film hits UK screens. Celine hasn’t released any music in four years and has had to cancel a string of shows due to her condition. She said that she had a lot of fun doing the movie and that it’s a wonderful feel-good story.

Kim Kardashian will attend next month’s Met Gala after all, despite rumours that her family had been snubbed. The reality star caused controversy last year when she wore one of Marilyn Monroe’s famous gowns to the prestigious event in New York.

Zoe Ball’s DJ son Woody Cook believes his mum manifested his bisexuality because she wanted to have a gay son. Woody, who came out in 2019, said that his mum always said she wanted him to be gay, so maybe she manifested it – halfway at least. The Radio 2 host, who also has a daughter called Nelly with Woody’s dad Fatboy Slim, was confused when Woody first opened up about his sexuality, partly because she was falling asleep at the time. She said that she didn’t know anyone who was bisexual, but then she realized there were some people she knew who were bi.

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