Storm Alert: Met Eireann’s Verdict on Impending Named Storm Threat Just Days Away!

"Met Eireann Warns of Potential Storm as Strong Winds and Rain Expected Next Week"

Met Eireann has warned that weather warnings are likely next week as a potential storm approaches Ireland from the Atlantic. Experts predict that this could be the first named storm of the year. Although the Easter weekend will see a mix of sunny spells and rain, Tuesday is expected to bring wet and windy weather with wind warnings likely to be issued. Met Eireann has advised people to stay updated on the forecast for their local area as there is potential for impactful conditions.

Weather models are showing a system developing in the Atlantic, with Weather Alerts Ireland stating that there is a risk of a storm for the first time in a long time. The ECMWF, UKMO, and ICON models are in agreement that the system will impact Ireland on Tuesday and Wednesday. The first storm name is #StormAntoni, but it is yet to be seen if this will be named.

Alan O’Reilly from Carlow Weather has said that the ECMWF model has been consistent on the risk of a storm on Tuesday and Wednesday. He added that this storm has the potential to be named. Meanwhile, Met Eireann has issued a bleak weather forecast for the bank holiday weekend with washout conditions for Easter Monday. While Friday and Saturday will remain mostly dry with some spells of hazy sunshine and the occasional shower, rain is due to arrive on Easter Sunday afternoon with outbreaks of rain and drizzle covering the whole country by the evening. The heaviest showers are expected in the west and southwest counties.

Unfortunately, the whole of Ireland is set to be hit with heavy rain on the bank holiday Monday, with widespread showers and hail and thunder possible as well. Met Eireann has advised people to stay updated on the forecast as there is potential for weather warnings to be issued.