Revamp Your Garden on a Budget: 5 Tips to Achieve a Lush Lawn and Sparkling Patio!

"Money-saving tips for transforming your garden without breaking the bank"

Transform Your Garden on a Budget with These Simple Tips

Gardening can be an expensive hobby, especially when the costs of new pots, plants, tools, seeds, and compost begin to add up. However, according to personal finance experts, you can make your lawn lush and patio sparkling clean on a budget with a few easy tips and tricks.

Use Leftovers as Natural Fertilizers
Money experts have revealed that quite a few everyday items, such as food leftovers, can be used to give the soil a natural boost. Amongst these are banana peels and eggshells which are abundant in minerals – and the same goes for grass, weeds, and leaves. Instead of chucking them away, the pros advised to use these as a natural fertilizer – and it’s totally free too.

Use White Vinegar to Clean Patios
White vinegar, which can be nabbed for a mere 99p in Asda, has become all the rage in the cleaning community – and turns out, the cheap kitchen staple also works wonders in your garden. The experts said: “Using one part vinegar to one part water, you could look to get your patio all clean and fresh ready for the summer evenings.” The average cleaner will set you back by around £9, so this hack will slash the costs.

Coffee for Lawns
Ground coffee is believed to be good for lawns because of its high levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and trace minerals. These nutrients, the professionals explained, are released slowly which “benefits the lawn for longer”. Compared to a store-bought lawn feeder which retails for roughly £13, ground coffee isn’t as pricey, as Aldi sells the product from just £1.89.

Plant Perennial Flowers and Shrubs
Instead of choosing pretty annuals, the experts recommended considering perennials and shrubs – these will return year after year. You can save even more money by buying a pack of seeds for around £3 that will produce lots of plants.

Use Free Pallets to Make Seating
Another effective way to keep the costs low is by turning free wooden pallets into outdoor seating. Various sites, such as Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, and Freecycle, offer them free of charge. Alternatively, the pros said, you can nab them cheaply at a local warehouse, a DIY shop, or even a nearby supermarket. For a corner sofa, you will need roughly nine rectangular pallets, which can seat four adults.

Gardening is a wonderful hobby, but it can be costly. However, with these simple tips and tricks, you can transform your garden on a budget. Use leftovers as natural fertilizers, white vinegar to clean patios, coffee for lawns, plant perennial flowers and shrubs, and use free pallets to make seating. By following these tips, you can have a beautiful garden without breaking the bank.

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